3rd Party Model/
Product Deployment

The Problem

There are many eye-tracking capable devices, differing hardware options and no standardized way to make sense of the data stream.

This means that for each deployment of a model or product on a device, the eye-tracking processing pipeline must be validated. This is a manual process, is very time consuming, and requires significant specialty resources.

The result is that existing eye-tracking based models and products are often bespoke for a single device rather than interoperable across many devices. This limits market access and ultimately can limit desired growth.

Our Solution

HarmonEyes has created an Automated Conversion Engine (ACE) which has the ability to adapt the signal from any eye-tracking device to product accurate and valid outputs without the need for time-consuming conversions, retraining and retuning.

The result is that your eye-tracking based models and products can be expanded to function on any eye-tracking capable device, in any environment (e.g., AR/VR/XR, vehicles, monitors, laptops, phones).

HarmonEyes possesses the technical infrastructure, know-how, and scientific rigor to ensure your eye-tracking models and products are flawlessly integrated into your desired devices. We provide an end-to-end solution – from conversion to deployment.

The HarmonEyes Process

1. Assessment and Planning

We start by understanding every component of your model and/or product – from user interface to back-end infrastructure, ensuring a comprehensive approach to integration.

2. Integration and Adaption

We ensure that all eye-tracking components are smoothly transitioned – we adapt interventions, user interactions and other features to new environments without compromising the original accuracy or functionality.

3. Validation and Quality Assurance

HarmonEyes goes beyond technical development – we rigorously validate and test each component for both technical and scientific reliability. Our validation process is thorough, ensuring the final product is ready for industry standards and regulatory compliance (if needed).

4. Project Execution

We believe in collaboration – expect detailed hand offs, clear lines of communication, and comprehensive support throughout the project.

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