Automated Conversion
Engine (ACE)

The Problem

Eye-trackers are not all the same – and currently there is no way to normalize the output across differing eye-tracking sensors and make sense of the data stream.

Eye-trackers often have varying degrees of accuracy, precision, and sampling rates – and these may change due to firmware updates, new environmental usage, and new hardware. This means that for each application deployment on a new or updated device, all eye-tracking models and functionality must be re-validated. This is a manual process, is very time-consuming, and is resource intensive.

The result is that applications are designed for a single device rather than across devices and platforms. This lack of interoperability limits market access and ultimately limits growth of applications and devices.

Our Solution

HarmonEyes’ Automated Conversion Engine (ACE) is a revolutionary tool that converts eye-tracking data and features to a common standard and format, enabling universal compatibility for eye-tracking for the first time ever. Finally, a single, normalized eye-tracking data stream for all devices.

ACE eliminates the need for manual conversion, constant and ongoing validation and testing when expanding from device to device or for device updates. Deploy eye-tracking functionality seamlessly and quickly across all eye-tracking capable devices, including AR/VR, monitors, phones/tablets, laptops, and vehicles/cockpits.

ACE is delivered via an SDK at the edge, locally on device – no connectivity required. ACE is an end-to-end solution that will bring universal compatibility to the eye-tracking industry.

Benefits of the ACE

1. Universal Compatibility

ACE enables eye-tracking products and functionality to be truly device-agnostic, vastly increasing their applicability and market reach.

2. Time and Cost Savings

By streamlining the adaptation process, ACE reduces the time and specialty resources required for product and functionality deployment, leading to significant cost reductions.

3. Enhanced Accessibility

Making eye-tracking solutions adaptable across different devices and environments broadens the potential user base and opens up new application areas.

4. Market Expansion

With the ability to deploy across any device and platform, businesses can access wider markets, enhancing growth opportunities.

5. End-to-End Solution

ACE is delivered via an easy-to-deploy SDK and comes with comprehensive documentation, ensuring customers have support at every step of the process.

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