The Problem

More eye trackers are integrated into devices than ever before.

To date, their impact has been limited because device manufacturers and application developers lack access to eye-tracking data and validated AI/ML models and solutions that are required to offer significant value to their product and users.

Our Solution

HarmonEyes AI-powered eye-tracking solutions enable our customers to identify and predict the state of their users –

enabling their applications to take immediate actions to improve user experiences and performance.

How It Works

  • SDK requires low compute and power consumption
  • SDK has no cloud processing – it’s deployed “at the edge” (locally on the device)
  • SDK does continuous processing of the AI/ML models
  • Solve real problems, improve user experience & engagement, enhance interactivity, scale growth

Examples of HarmonEyes SDK Solutions

HarmonEyes has dozens of SDK solutions at or near full development – search solutions here.

Comfort & Endurance

  • Individualized synchronization with the environment
  • Measure user change over time
  • Motion Sickness
  • Fatigue
  • V/A Conflict

Attention & Control

  • Gaze control to effect user interaction with the environment
  • Targeting
  • Focus
  • Anticipation

Performance & Training

  • Measure a user’s success during a task
  • Enhancing a user’s ability during a task
  • Resilience
  • Readiness
  • Reading

Health & Vision

  • Understand a user’s clinical health & vision status
  • Drowsiness
  • Anxiety
  • Impairment
  • Headache
  • Nystagmus

*All solutions measured with eye-tracking signal only – no other sensors required

Example use cases based on real-time changes in a user’s physiology, attention and perception.


Open up new possibilities for interaction, immersion and personalization for gaming experiences

  • Adaptive gaming based on individual user state in real-time to maximize player comfort, endurance and performance
  • Dynamic visual effects based on where the player is looking create more immersive and interactive gaming environments.


Understand and optimize the learning process and deliver a more comprehensive assessment of performance

  • Adaptive training based on attention enables creation of more realistic and effective training experiences
  • Identify performance strengths and weaknesses and improve simulations to improve skill acquisition and decision making
  • Real-time feedback based on user’s gaze helps trainees improve targeting, focus, situational awareness, decision making and outcomes
  • Visual search confirmation assures users look at the right place at the right time

Driver and Pilot Monitoring

Create safer driving/flying environments by proactively addressing issues and form a crucial component of autonomous vehicles

  • Monitor driver/pilot drowsiness and attention to improve safety
  • Real-time responsiveness to fatigue, distraction, inattention and impairment enables corrective actions
  • Visual search confirmation assures drivers/pilots look at the right place at the right time

Reading and Learning

Revolutionize education by providing personalized, adaptive and more engaging learning experiences

  • Reading co-pilot responds to reading patterns in real-time and delivers corrective action improving processing, comprehension and learning
  • Reading assessments monitor students’ reading skills over time enabling tailored individual learning experiences
  • Measure student interaction and engagement during lectures or lessons and customize learning materials

Industrial Metaverse

Enhance user experiences and optimizing various industrial processes

  • Hands free control of devices or machinery in virtual environments with integrated gaze control
  • Industrial product prototyping by assessing how users interact with virtual prototypes
  • Improve safety measures and performance outcomes by monitoring fatigue, distraction, cognitive load, impairment, focus and attention in critical environments
  • Visual collaboration in virtual spaces using eye movements to improve the sense of presence and natural communication


Proactively address readiness, contributing to a safer and more productive work environment

  • Detect issues that may impact readiness and may contribute to a safety risk, mitigating errors
  • Preparedness assessments analyzes how individuals process critical information under stress

Drug Development / Pharma

Enhance the overall effectiveness and safety of the drug development process with clinical biomarkers

  • Better participant recruitment in clinical trials improves outcomes and support of regulatory approval of a disease modifying therapy
  • Measure patient changes from delivery of therapeutics for evidence of exposure to (or effect of) a medical product
  • Remote assessment for participation in clinical trials through using eye-tracking for more flexible participant feedback.

Health & Vision

Improve diagnostics and patient care with objective eye movement behavior assessments

  • Clinical diagnostic products for health and vision issues with specific “ocular signature” biomarkers
  • Remote patient monitoring implements eye-tracking in telehealth applications to gain insights into patients and engagement during virtual consultations.
  • Symptom tracking helps in early detection of clinical issues, contributing to better mobile health monitoring


Gain advantage for diverse research and advance research across various disciplines

  • Leverage existing eye-tracking AI/ML models and eliminate the need to conduct expensive and time-consuming data collection and model development
  • Conduct consumer behavior studies to understand how consumers interact with apps, websites and advertisements and improve outcomes
  • Behavioral and cognitive studies provide deeper insights into human perception and interaction

Learn more about the scientific process of each HarmonEyes’ SDK solution