HTC Vive Focus 3 Sample

Install Vive Wave XR Plugin

  1. Install by following the tutorial:
  2. Make sure after installation you have the following packages under Window => Package Manager.
  3. Accept all Vive Wave improvement suggestions:

HTC Vive Sample Setup

  1. Navigate to the Samples tab and click Import next to “HTC Vive Sample”.
  2. Open HarmonEyesDemoHTCViveScene.Unity.
  3. Import TMP Essentials and TMP Examples & Extras when prompted.
  4. Resolve any outstanding issues.

Note: Sometimes you need to restart the Unity Editor & Reimport the sample to fix any non-loaded scripts

License Key

  1. Select the EyeTrackingDataOculusAnalyzer prefab.
  2. In the EyeTrackingConfig script, enter your license key.

Build Project

  1. Under the Build Settings click Add Open Scenes to the project and click Build.