Unity SDK Graphs

Unity SDK Output


Graph 1: Cognitive Load Status over Time

This graph visualizes a 10 minute task recording eye tracking data from the HarmonEyes Unity SDK with cognitive load ouput. Over the course of the 10 minutes it is shown in the graph below a stepwise increase from a LOW cognitive load state during the first 2 minutes to a MODERATE level. The user stays at a MODERATE level during minutes 2 through 5 and increases to a HIGH cognitive load state after 5 minutes until the end of the task.

Graph 2: Cognitive Load Status with Time Predictions

Graph 2 depicts the same data as graph 1 with additional lower bound and upper bound timing windows from the LOW to MODERATE transition and MODERATE to HIGH transition. The upper and lower bound represent +/- 1 std from the RSME respectively. Additional information on these windows and the RMSE can be found here – Cognitive Load Model.