Getting Started

Initial Setup

  1. Download HarmonEyes SDK for Unity and unzip the package.
  2. In your Unity editor, open Window => Package Manager
  3. Click “Add package from disk…”
  4. Navigate to the HarmonEyes SDK folder and select the json file.
  5. Navigate to the Samples tab and click Import next to “Eye Tracking Common”.

License Key

  1. Select the EyeTrackingDataOculusAnalyzer prefab.
  2. In the EyeTrackingConfig script, enter your license key.

Project Settings

  1. Click File => Build Settings
  2. Switch platform to Android.
  3. Navigate to Player Settings => Other Settings => Color Space.
  4. Ensure that the color space selected is linear.

Note: Most of the VR devices support only Linear color space